Beijing Taxi

Beijing Taxi

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There are about 60 thousand taxi in Beijing. So when travel in Beijing, how to find one official taxi is important for travelers.
How to recognize a legal taxi in Beijing? Any advice on illegal tour bus?
The taxi plaque number starts with the number “B”
The taxi should be equippped with the light on the top and meter measuring.
It’s better to take a taxi on the road instead of a taxi waiting somewhere. The empty taxi must show a red light in the front window.
Watch out! Don’t come aboard the black “illegal tour bus”:
In Beijing, there are also some black illegal tour bus sending tourists to the Great Wall. You will have a terrible trip once you get on it. To promote their illegal tours, these sales people always deliver a small card to passing-by travelers wanting to go to Great Wall tour by standing on the some public places like the street, Tian’anmen Square, or the entrance of Forbidden City.

Very often they use their “unbelievable low price” to attract those “blind” tourists. But once you come aboard their bus for the Great Wall, they have to make you pay additional fees again and again. Sometimes even the Great Wall is not real Badaling section!! We remind you not to take their card if you happen to meet them. Actually it’s very easy to recognize an illegal tour bus in Beijing. A legal tour bus plaque starts with “B”, if not, you possiblely get on a “black tour bus”.

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