Beijing Subway Line 8

Subway Line 8

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Beijing Subway Line 8 of the first phase, also known as the Olympic Extension. Beijing Subway Line 8 length to 4.398 km, consists of four stations, from south to north were North Tucheng station, the Olympic Center Station, Olympic Park Station and the Forest Park station. Olympic Center Station near the main Olympic venues, so the design of the station through the main theme of “Movement”; Olympic Park Station that the construction of the “Water Cube”, the platform layer of the suspended ceiling so the elements with bubble shape deformation design; Forest Park Station is passengers to the introduction of “forest”, made of stainless steel, fluorocarbon spray Liaohe and other new materials and new techniques, with the Forest Park and the National Stadium “Bird Nest” coordinated.
Olympic Branch Line has been on July 19, 2008, officially opened on October 8 officially open to the public.
North Tucheng Station: Transfer to Line 10

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