Beijing Subway Line 5

Subway Line 5

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Beijing Subway Line 5 Line length 27.6 km, connecting the Fengtai, Chongwen, Dongcheng, Chaoyang, Changping District 5. Line 5 subway lines to achieve a close with the existing transfer, across the board in Chongwenmen, Dongdan, Lama Temple and Lishuiqiao stops route with 1,2,13 channel transfer stations to facilitate passenger station internal transfer. Chongwenmen, Dongdan two transfer stand transfer channels, respectively by the escalator and transfer to Line 2 Line 1, passengers transfer can be done two or three minutes. Lama Temple Station, transfer to Metro Line 2, Lishuiqiao transfer to Metro Line 13, transfer only a short distance of more than 20 meters. Line 5 for each station has disabled helicopterElevator, Direct from the station platform hall. Beijing subway operating system in order to light purple color as the representative of Line 5 in Beijing, like a dragon, a bridge erected north and south, will allow hundreds of thousands of people from the capital by bus Zongchuan easily 34 hours of congestion suffered, changes to the capital north-south thoroughfare of traffic congestion.

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