Beijing Metro Line 1

Beijing Subway Line 1, formerly known as first-line length of 30.44 kilometers, is China’s first subway, located 53 # Takai points, 52 # longevity Leng Station, Orchard Station,

Old Town Station (formerly the ancient city of Road Station), octagonal amusement park Station, Babaoshan Station, Yuquan Road Station, Wukesong station, Wanshoulu station,

Gongzhufen Station, Military Museum Station, Muxudi station, South Lishi station, Fuxingmen station, Xidan Station, Tiananmen West Station, Tian’anmen East station , Wangfujing

stationDongdan station, Jian Guo Men Station, Wing Lane Station, World Trade Center Station, Da Wang Road station4 HuiStation, four stations were 25 stations in Huidong, (dbenefit stations, four ground stations Huidong station, 52 #, 53 # station is not operating). Contains two depot (city depot, 4 Hui Depot)
Line 1, the existing transfer stations:
Fuxingmen: transfer to Metro Line 2
Xidan Station: Transfer to Metro Line 4
Dongdan Station: Transfer to Line 5
Jianguomen: Transfer to Metro Line 2
Trade Point: Transfer Line 10
4 Hui-station, four Huidong Station: Transfer to subway Batong.
Retired model is: DK2 (2 **), DK3 (3 **, G101-G107), DK11 (G201-G207, G2082, G2083, G2084, G2085, G209-G213), BD3 (G2081, G2082)
Note: G208 car for the special mixed 1,6 cars BD3, 2,3,4,5 cars DK11.

Beijing Metro Line 1

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