Beijing Line marking color

Beijing Line marking color
Line 1 and Batong: Big Red
Line 2: Deep Blue
Line 4 and Daxing lines: green2015YearsNorthBeijingLandIronMap
Line 5 and Yizhuang line: magenta
Line 6: Pink
Line 7: golden yellow
Line 8: light green
Line 9 and Fangshan Line: Purple
Line 10 and west of Line: Sky Blue
Line 13: rattan yellow
Line 14: light pink
No. 15 Line: brown
17 fast track lines and the airport: pale pinkish purple color
11,12 One line is not planning for the year 2000 (2000 years ago that has burgeoned, Yizhuang line) and undetermined
Above for 2015 Beijing metro line
Beijing subway will be completed in 2020 the world’s largest underground iron cities, namely:
1 line (already opened), 2 line (already opened), 4 line (already opened),
5 lines (already opened), 6 line (under construction), 7 line (under construction), 8 line (a open to traffic, two under construction), 9 line (under construction),
10 lines (one opening, two under construction), 13 lines (already opened), 14 line (under construction), 15 lines (under construction),
16 lines, the Airport line (already opened), Daxing Line (under construction), Yizhuang line (under construction), Fangshan Line (under construction),
Mentougou line (started 2010), Changping Line (under construction), niulanshan line, west of Line (opened 2011),
Beijing West Railway Station to Station Link (undetermined).

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