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Beijing, which serve as the capital of China has long been one of the largest and most important transportation hub throughout East Asian region. There are basically four main transportation methods throughout Beijing, including railway, roads, air and subway. Most of the international tourists choose to reach Beijing by airways. However, if you are travelling to Beijing from other cities of China, you can also try on a cheaper way which is by railway services in order to go on your Beijing travel. You may take the opportunity to enjoy the countryside scenery along your journey to Beijing. However, after you reached Beijing, the major methods that can be used for travelling around are either by Beijing subway or on road transportations.

Twenty-five years ago Beijing's wide boulevards were empty save for buses-both petrol driven and electric trolley-and a few lace-curtained Soviet-made cars. Now the city is grid locked with vehicles of every conceivable shape and make, and in one of the world's most populous cities that spells environmental trouble. Town planners gasped in awe at the pace Beijing built its ring roads (it now has five with a sixth under construction and a seventh planned), but only in heavy traffic did they realize what chaos broke out as vehicles met when they joined and left the highways: the same place is used causing queues co build up around every side road.

Beijing Capital International Airport which is located about 20 kilometers to the North East of Beijing city centre and being one of the largest airports in the world is the main hub of airways reaching China. This airport which serves as the most important gateway to the capital of China has currently available with three terminals. Most international flights are landed at either Terminal 2 or Terminal 3. For the convenience of transit passengers especially for those who are going to transit between terminals, complimentary shuttle bus between terminals is available. Moreover, the Airport Express which offers an express way to the heart of Beijing within 30 minutes is the most suitable transportation method especially for those who would like to escape from the crowded traffic of Beijing. On top of that, this express way is connected to Beijing Subway system at Line 10 and Line 2 which provide the fastest route for those who are in rush of time. There are some other airports in Beijing, such as Nanyuan Airport, Xijiao Airport, Beiyuan Airport, Liangxiang Airport, Shahe Airport, Tongxian Airport, Miyun Airport, Badaling Airport etc. However, majority of these airports are for military used and is less known to the public.
Beijing-Subway-Map-Small Beijing Subway system can be considered as the best way to travel around in Beijing. Major attractions are mostly reachable by Beijing subway system. So it is very convenient to go to the famous attractions, which make your Beijing Tours much easier. Since the establishment of Beijing Subway system in 1971, it has encountered a huge development and keeps on expansion especially for the purpose of Beijing Olympic 2008. Olympic Stadium is a must place for your Beijing Tour. There are a total of 7 lines on service at this moment excluding Beijing Airport Express. Line 1 is the oldest subway line available in Beijing which connects between Pingguoyuan (West part of Beijing) and Sihuidong (East part of Beijing). Major subway train of Line 1 has been replaced by new ones, however, some old train are still in service. Line 2 which run a loop under the 2nd ring road, Line 5 which connects between Tiantongyuanbei (North part of Beijing) and Songjiazhuang (South part of Beijing), Line 8 which reaches the Olympic Green, Line 10 which connects between Bagou (North West part Beijing) and Jinsong (South East part Beijing), Line 13 which runs a semi-looping from Dongzhimen to Xizhimen, and Batong Line which runs from Sihui to Tuqiao at eastern part of Beijing are servicing the public and wishing to provide a high quality transportation method to locals and foreigners as well. Nowadays, the constructions of Beijing Subway are still in process and are estimated to be completed in 2015. It is hope to ensure every corner of Beijing is well-connected by subway system. The complete subway System will add convenience and save a lot of time for your Beijing tours.

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