White Peacock Art World

White Peacock Art World

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White Peacock Art World, the biggest arts and crafts centre in China, is situated in the northern suburbs of Beijing, not far from Ditan (Altar of Earth). Park in Beibinhe Road. It was officially established in March 1985 as a division of the Beijing Arts and Crafts Company Department Store. The six-storey building is divided into two sections. On the fourth floors are goods from all over the country, ranging from jewelry and textiles to top-quality hardwood furniture. Friendly and helpful services are an important priority, and the sales staff can be easily identified by their traditional dress.  The women’s cheongsam vary in colour from floor to floor.

The upper two floors include a duty-free shop, a foreign exchange counter, a massage parlour and a beauty salon. Its basement has been converted into a ballroom and bar as well as a restaurant that serves such famous delicacies as Liu Bang dog meat and beancurd jelly.

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