Beijing CITS Building

China International Travel Service

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The building houses CITS Head Office established in 1954. CITS(China International Travel Service) has its Head Office in Beijing and branch or sub-branch offices in all major cities, tourist centres, scenic resorts and ports of entry across the country. CITS is responsible for the reception of foreign tourists in China.

The aim of CITS is by means of tourism to expand the ties and contacts between the peoples of China and other countries, promote friendship, exchange culture, and enhance mutual understanding.

At present, CITS has established business relations with more than 500 foreign tour operators, friendship organizations, airlines, and shipping companies from scores of countries and regions through-out the world. CITS has more than 4,000 professional guide-interpreters who have been well trained.

In addition to branch or sub-branch offices in other parts of the country, China National Tourist Offices in Tokyo, New York, Lon-don, Paris, and Frankfurt have been set up. In Hong Kong, China International Travel Service (Luxingshe) Hong Kong Limited has been established. They provide tourist information and hand out tourist materials on behalf of CITS, and other travel agencies in China.

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