Beijing Silicon Valley

Beijing Silicon Valley

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Beijing Experimental Zone for the Development of New Techno-logical Industries – China’s Silicon Valley – formally began business on August 5, 1988.

Covering an area of 100 square kilometres, the Experimental Zone centres at Zhongguancun in the Haidian District, which is known for its computer and electronics street. The main purpose of this experimental zone is to promote the integration of science and technology with economy and give a boost to the development of China’s new technological industries.

Approved by the State Council, this is the first technological industries experimental area set up in China. The zone is expected to attract investment and scientific personnel. The scientists are to establish new, high-tech enterprises in the area and build Zhongguancun in-to an open, outward looking technological industries development zone that is influential in the world.

The central authorities have adopted a guideline to support and guide the experimental zone and grant it preferential policies equivalent to, in some respects, even greater than those for the coastal special economic zones.

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