Beijing Theme Tour

Beijing Theme Tour page offers certain special activities to people for their personal interests. If you are interested in Beijing China culture, perhaps you will be more willing to watch some performance like Peking Opera and acrobatics, and if you want to discover some sports activities, you will be likely to start a Beijing Tour on Beijing golf tour, Kung Fu Tour,Bike Tour Beijing. And some maybe want to make their Beijing Tours as Beijing Muslim Tour, Beijing Religious Tour. In a word, different people with different taste and needs. We believe this potential Tours of Beijing will add more beautiful colors to your Beijing vacations. In this case, you can spend your precious time on more worthwhile Tour in Beijing, at the some time you can make new friends from all over the world who share the same interests with you. Beijing Easy tour operator makes sure that our service and Beijing tours are all being trusted, so take it easy to go on your Beijing trip, it will be a memorable holiday in Beijing.

Beijing Kid Tour

Classic Beijing Kid Tour Classic Beijing Kid Tour
Tour code: KidTour-01
Highlights: Beijing One Day Kid Tour to Beijing Zoo (Panda House)-Hutong Tour-Local Family & Kindergarten

Beijing Culture Tour

Chinese Cuisine & Mandarin Learning Tour Chinese Cuisine Mandarin One Day Learning Tour
Tour code: CultureTour-03
Highlights: Chinese cooking and mandarin learning

Beijing Golf Tour

Beijing One Day Golf Tour With Juyongguan Great Wall Beijing One Day Golf Tour With Juyongguan Great Wall
Tour code: GolfTour-02
Highlights: Beijing One Day Golf Tour, Juyongguan Great wall

Beijing Layover Tour

Tiananmen Square Classic Beijing Layover Tour
Tour code: LayoverTour-02
Highlights: Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City

Beijing Shopping Tour

Beijing Silk Market Beijing Silk and Pearl Market Tour
Tour code: ShoppingTour-02
Highlights: Silk Market, Beijing Hongqiao Pearl Market, Yuanlong Embroidery Silk Store

Beijing Religious Tour

Forbidden City Classic Beijing Religious Tour
Tour code: ReligiousTour-01
Highlights: Gangwashi Christian Church, Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven

Beijing Muslim Tour

Niujie Mosque Niujie Mosque Tour
Tour code: MuslimTour-02
Highlights: Niujie Mosque, Summer Palace, Beijing Hutong

Beijing Kid Tour---Focus on Beijing Tour Packages for you and your kids
Beijing layover tour---Focus on a short glace of Beijing city
Beijing Culture Tour---Focus on learning Chinese culture
Beijing Golf Tour---Focus on a leisure golf trip in Beijing
Beijing Kung Fu Tour---Focus on watching National treasure of China(Kung Fu)
Beijing Bike Tour---Focus on an experience of cycling through Beijing streets & lanes
Beijing Red Tour---Focus on Knowing more about Red Communist Party
Beijing Shopping Tour---Focus on Buying Silk, Pearl ,Jade, Antique
Beijing Muslim Tour---Focus on vacation Muslim mosques & sites
Beijing Religious Tour---Focus on exploring original basic Chinese religion
Beijing Museum Tour---Focus on Capital Museum and Palace Meseum

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