Temple of White Dagoba


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The Temple of White Dagoba is a 48-meter (150 feet) high Yuan-Dynasty dagoba, off Fuchengmennei Dajie, dominates they city’s northwestern sky-line.  It is to the west of the white Dagoba in Beihai Park.

Even at the time of completion in 1279 under the supervision of Arniko, a famous Nepalese architect, it was considered one of the gems of the Mongols’ new capital. A large monastery was established here by Kublai Khan which was later destroyed, but rebuilt and renamed Miaoying Temple during the Ming dynasty. A beautiful filigree copper canopy, hung with bells, tops the dagoba.

The temple suffered damage during the Cultural Revolution and in the 1976 earthquake, but it has now been restored. The four existing halls date from the Qing and contain Yuan and Ming Buddhist statues and Tibetan tankas. During the restoration Buddhist scriptures and other relics dating from the Qianlong period were discovered.

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