Ten Ferries

ShiduThe scenery of the Ten Ferries can compare with that of Guilin. Shidu is situated 90 kilometres of southwest of Beijing, along the Juma River. The River originates in Taihang Mountain in Shanxi Province and flows into the sea in Hebei Province. On its way the River zigzags 10 times through the mountains ranges in Fangshan District, forming ten docking berths for ferries, hence the name Shidu, meaning the Ten Ferries. Shidu is a very popular Beijing Sightseeing.

With fantastical mountain peaks and ranges reflected in the water, this area resembles the Li River landscape in Guilin, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. A gigantic rock about 10 metres high named Terrace of Viewing Buddha stands by the ninth ferry. Looking from a small pavilion built on the rock, which resembles a stone Buddha. At the eighth ferry, tourists can enjoy the exciting sport imported from New Zealand: Bungy Jumping.

Scheduled buses depart from Lianhuachi Long-Distance Bus Station. Or take an early morning train from Yongdingmen Railway Station.

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