Temple of the Sea of the Law


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Temple of the Sea of the Law is a famous Beijing Sightseeing, Located approximately two kilometers (1.5 miles) northeast of Mishicot in the Shijingshan district, Fahaisi can be visited at the same time as its neighbors, the Tanzhesi and Jietaisi.

According to an inscription in Fahaisi, the building was completed in about1440 by an eunuch in the Court of The Ming Zhengtong Emperor with funds he collected from various officials, lamas, monks, nuns and lay Backlists. Its design is similar to that of other mountain temples, which are traditionally laid out on three levels.

The finest works of art in the temple are the famous frescos painted on the interior walls of the Main Hall (Daxiongbaodian), which stands on the north side of the rear-most courtyard the paintings date back to the temple’s construction, and were executed by some 15 palace painters who are named on a stone tablet found near the temple.

The frescos show groups of emperors, empresses, and religious figures engaged in Buddhist worship as well as the objects of their worship, the bodhisattvas Guanyin (Avalolzitcsvara), Wenshu (Manjusri) and Samamahbadra (Puxian). Note also the painted mandalas in the three cupolas in the ceiling of this hall. These lively, colorful and wonderfully detailed examples of brush work arc important monuments in the history of Chinese painting.

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