Temple of Sun

Ritan Park

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Altar of the Sun Park,also known as the Altar of the Rising Sun, was built in 1530. As the name suggests, the alter was the site of imperial sacrifices to the Gold of the Sun. Ritan park is located in Beijing’s diplomatic quarter to the northeast of the Chaoyangmen ( Facing the Sun Gate ). The altar was restored and enlarged during the reign (1736-1795) of Qing Emperor Qianlong. The sacrifice took place from 6 to 8 in the morning. An ox, a sheep and a pig were sacrificed. A square while marble platform once stood in the garden and although it fell into disrepair long time ago, traces of its ruins may still be seen. In 1949, the People’s Government began a project of afforestation and converted the area into Ritan Park. In autumn of 1980, construction of a large garden was begun in the southeastern corner of the park. Now the entire area has been turned into a park.

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