Songshan Primeval Forest Park

Songshan ParkUnder the national protection by the State Council since 1986, Songshan Primeval Forest Park consists of more than 200 hectares (494. 2 acres) of natural Chinese pines and 1,040 hectares (2,570 acres) of artificial Chinese pines. It encompasses 36, 000 hectares (88, 956 acres). Bubbling in the dense forest are the hot springs of the Tangquan Taoist Temple, with waters rich in minerals reaching temperatures over 40 degrees Celsius. The perfect spot for bathing, it was discovered as early as the Beiwei Period(AD 386-AD 534) to create a place for convalescing among secluded beauty. Built in memory of renowned Qin Dynasty calligrapher Wang Cizhong from Yanqing County, Cizhong Temple is another temple standing among the springs. The famous writer Li Daoyuan referred to Cizhong Temple as a place for rejuvenation in his Note of Water Classics, “In Cizhong Temple, the hot springs can cure hundreds of diseases.”

Songshan Park is a famous Beijing Sightseeing, in addition to hot springs, Songshan Park boasts gorgeous scenery. Running through nearby hills atop a rugged cliff is the Eight Immortals Cave, which offers a bird’s eye view of the deep valley and clear mountain streams; numerous sights dot the landscape, including the Mandarin Duck Rock, the Pond of Pine Trees and the Moon, the Wall of Flying Dragons, the heaven Tortoise, the Pond for Enjoying Music, Echoing Cliff, the Lions. Drinking Water, and the Golden Toad Seeing the Moon. The hectares of pine trees-the oldest ones being over 600 years old—are home to various wild animals from small birds to tigers and leopards. The Songshan Specimen Show Room houses wildlife samples from the forest. In Songshan Park, tourists can enjoy modern facilities including hotels, restaurants, conference halls, and-most importantly-bathing rooms in the hot springs.

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