Shijingshan Gymnasium


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Located in the west of Beijing, Shijingshan Gymnasium was built in 1989 for the wrestling matches of the 1990 Asian Games. Its eaves are in the triangular shape of airplane wings, and from each of its three sides it looks like a gigantic glider. A concrete bridge rises between the eaves like an airplane’s body. Inside the gymnasium the audience’s seats are placed in the three corners with a seating capacity of 3,000. The competition area is 44 metres long and 34 metres wide. The area is not right in the centre, but is off to one side to make the building useful for other purposes, such as meetings and performances.  The competition court is built 4. 5 metres below ground level so the audience can go straight to their seats after entering the hall without walking up and down stairs. The gymnasium has skylights in the roof which makes the building well-lit.

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