Prospect Garden


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In 1986 a new park, complete with pavilions, ponds, miniature hillocks and piped music, was opened to the public. Located in the southwest corner of the city, this pleasure ground has been built in imitation of the garden meticulously described in the great Chinese classic, The Dream of the Red Chamber- (Honglou Meng) by Caoxueqin. As recounted in the novel, the name ‘Daguanyuan’ was chosen by Imperial Concubine Yuanchun on a visitation. She wrote:

Embracing hills and streams, with skill they wrought

Their work at last is to perfection brought.

Earth’s fairest prospects all are here installed,

So ‘Prospect Garden’ let its name be called!

Although somewhat lacking in authenticity, Daguanyuan is a pleasant park which draws crowds of local visitors. It recently served as the selling for a popular television series based on the novel that enjoyed great success in China as well as Hong Kong and other overseas communities.

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