Old Beijing Mini Landscape Park

Old Beijing Mini Landscape ParkOld Beijing Mini Landscape Park located at Nankou some 40 kilometres away from the city, the old Beijing Mini Landscape Park is a joint venture of the America Shi Tai Group Stock Co. Ltd., Changping Foreign Economic Relations and Trade Corporation and Changping Nankou Town Industrial Enterprises Corporation. is a very popular Beijing Sightseeing, Construction of the park, lasting only 16 months, first began on April 18, 1993 and was finished and opened to the public on August 18, 1994. The total cost for building the park was US$ 2.4 million.

Covering an area of 132.5 acres of land, the Old Beijing Mini Landscape Park includes old Beijing scenes, its traditions and folk life, and a reception and administrative quarter. On a scale of 1: 15, the park brings to the public the Beijing of the Ming and Qing dynasties-its rigorous arrangements, grand styles, strewn skyline and natural adornment.

Apart from more than 100 fine and vivid miniaturized spots the park offers eight performance areas for imperial and folk arts and Beijing style services. Old Beijing Mini Landscape Park also provides photographic and video service. It supplies wheelchairs and carriages for disabled children. There are many choices open to tourists who are looking for a suitable vehicle to ride around the park: super dragon wagon, dragon wagon, old fashioned car, Western carriage, tricycle, mule carriage and rickshaw. The park also pro-ides dwarfhorses, camels, imperial carriages and sedans carried by two, four and eight people. The park in addition provides VIP and exhibition rooms that display Beijing’s historical development.

The aim of miniaturizing ancient Beijing is to bring back the city as it had been in the past. Publicizing the cultures and traditions over the past thousands of years will surely give both Chinese and overseas visitors the opportunity to see what Beijing once looked like and how people lived during the times of the ancient dynasties.

More than 40 construction companies were involved in building this park, using more than 30 million bricks in all. Many vividly recreated scenes from ancient life are featured in the park. For example, cricket fighting is arranged for visitors. Cricket fighting was once popular in the imperial palace as well as on Beijing streets. Ancient Beijing had special cricket fighting places for the upper, middle and lower classes, and what a fascinating scene it is.
The park also has a bird market, a children’s paradise as in the old days, an open-air teahouse and puppet shows. Film shows about life in old Beijing will surely. Cultivate tourists tour of the park.

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