New Colour TV Centre

Beijing New Colour TV CentreConstruction of New Colour TV Centre was begun in May, 1983 and was completed and put into operation in 1987. The 23-storeybuilding covers more than 10,000 square metres. This TV centre is capable of making and showing five sets of colour TV programmes simultaniously with an investment of 230 million RMB yuan.

Some provinces, cities and autonomous regions have also built their own colour TV centres. A new television network has been formed with CCTV (China Central Television Station). Cable television in China still lags behind countries with advanced technology.

When Beijing Television Station (the former CCTV) was established in May 1958, there were only about 100 black and white TV sets in the Capital City. In 1973, China succeeded in putting out colour TV programmes in Beijing, Tianjin and Shanghai. By the end of 1985, 202 TV stations had been opened throughout the country. At present, all the provinces, cities, and autonomous regions except Ti-bet and Xinjiang can receive programmes from CCTV.

According to a directors’ meeting of the national broadcast and television departments and bureaux held in Oct., 1988 in Beijing, more than 600 million people watched television in China. In 1988there were 116 million TV sets in the country, 37 times as many as in1978. This meant that there was on average one TV set for every 3.0people in China in 1988. A spokesman from the Ministry of Radio, Film and Television said that of the families that owned TV sets, 83. 5percent of the people watched them regularly, and the rate of coverage of the daily news programme from the Chinese Central Television Station (CCTV) reached more than 42 percent of the people. He also said that watching TV has become a main source of entertainment and in-formation for the people.

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