Jinhai Lake

Jinhai Lake, 15 kilometres east of Pinggu District seat, and some 88 kilometres away from the Beijing city proper, was awarded the Best Scenic Sport Prize among the 40 scenic spots in Beijing. The lake features undulating hills covered with lush vegetation and a vast expanse of misty water and dotted with kiosks, pavilions, cliffs, and strange rocks and exquisite caves as well as many historic sites. Visitors can see a unity of classic elegance of integrated countryside and splendidness of ornamented buildings. Visitors can also ascend the hills, visit the historic sites, explore the secluded places, go boating or angling and taste delicacies, feeling relaxed and happy.
Construction of the reservoir started on October 18, 1959 and was completed in late 1960 lasting one year. More than 15,000 people were involved in the project. At that time the total capacity of the reservoir was only18.50 million cubic metres. In 1969 the reservoir was expanded, with a capacity of 53.60 million cubic metres. While in 1973 the reservoir was further expanded. The height of the dam is 118.5 metres and the length l, 500 metres. The total storage capacity of the reservoir reached121 million cubic meters more than a double than the capacity. The network for irrigation of the reservoir totals more than 160kilometres and 124, 000 mu (8, 267 hectares) of land has been brought under irrigation. In 1985, the reservoir was developed into a tourist scenic spot and was named Jinhai Lake. In 1990, two of the aquatic sports events of the 11th Asian Games were held here. The scenery of the Jinhai Lake is well-known both at home and abroad.
Jinhai Hotel, a garden-style hotel, lies on the west embankment of the Jinhai Lake. The hotel is a good combination of both Chinese and Westen architectural styles, featuring winding paths and brilliant buildings. The hotel offers quality food and lodging for both Chinese and foreign visitors, and overseas Chinese, and compatriots for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan as well who come for sightseeing, to attend meetings or to attend furnished with recuperate. There are standard double rooms, and suites furnished with independent air conditioner, central acoustics call system, TV set, telephone and high grade sanitary facilities. The three restaurants serve tourists with Sichuan-and Shandong-style food and Western food, and also they undertake banquets of various kinds. The famous“whole fish feast” is made of fresh fish from the lake.

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