Gymnasium of Beijing Institute For Physical Education

Gymnasium of Beijing Institute For Physical Education

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Construction of the project started in November 1986 and was completed in July 1988. The gymnasium is something like a Chinese Baxianzhuo, an old-fashioned square table with collapsible leaves that makes it into an octagonal shape. It used to be the site of the boxing tournament of the llth Asian Games held in the fall of 1990.

The gymnasium covers an area of more than 10,000 square metre and its main competition hall features overhanging steel bars, white walls, and dark achieves a harmonious combination gray glass windows. The building of strength and beauty. The main gymnasium has a competition arena of 36 by 24 metres for boxing competition. The 2,050-seat spectator stands flank the arena’s northern and southern sides. One-third of the seats are removable. It has up-to-date electronic timing devices and modern lighting and air-conditioning systems. And it is complete with a practice hall, a recuperation centre, a hall for rhythmic gymnastics, a computer centre, drug-testing rooms and a press centre. It can meet the needs of both international and domestic sports competition and is eminently suitable for high-quality television broadcasting.

This unique architectural style of the project has won high praise from foreign and domestic architects. The designers and the construction company were invited to build a similar gymnasium in the Soviet Union.

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