Evergreen Township

Beijing Evergreen township Evergreen township

Evergreen Township is located in Beijing’s western suburbs near the Summer Palace. It is named“Evergreen,” because it supplies fresh vegetables to the city’ s residents all the year round.
The township covers an area of 72.6 square kilometers with 2, 400 hectares of cultivated land. It has 13, 000 households with 46, 000 people ore than 26, 000 0f them are able bodied.
The township mainly grows vegetables, but also has a forestry programme, breeds livestock, does sideline production and rd runs a fishery. It is a Joint agricultural, industrial and commercial undertaking.
Evergreen Township is a collectively-owned unit which was merged from six advanced agricultural producers’ co-operatives in 1958. To keep track of growing production the township has- become the basic accounting unit since 1978.
Under the Evergreen Township there are eight vegetable growing production brigades, two grain production centres, an agricultural experimental centre, a farm machinery repair station, a fruit and forestry company, an animal husbandry and native produce company, an industrial company, a construction company and a service centre.
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