Dabaotai Han Tomb

Dabaotai Han Tomb

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Dabaotai Han Tomb located about 15 kilometers (10 miles) from the city limits in the Fengtai district,  Dabaotai Han-dynasty tomb is a worthwhile Beijing Sihhtseeing. Difficult to location account of a lack of road sigils, the best way to get there is to take a taxi (there is no public transport) to the village of Guogongzhuang and ask the way from here. Dabaotai is about four kilometers (2.5 miles) directly south of the Fengtai Railway Station.

The archaeologists who excavated the tomb in 1975 arc unable to determine who was buried in this spectacular underground ‘wooden palace’, but the choice has been narrowed down to one of two princes belonging co the Liu clan who died in approximately 50 BC.

The excellently restored tomb consists of three inner and outer coffins of wood surrounded by a boundary wall built with tens of thousands of square wooden beams. The wall of the tomb was further lined with a boundary wall of heaped beams, and tick layer of plaster to keep it dry, which partially explains its excellent_ entire tomb is 23.2 meters (80 Feet) long, 18 meters (56 feet)wide and 4.7 meters (14.5 feet) deep   and has been enclosed a poorly lit building. The most extraordinary objects on view are the three lacquered chariots and 11 horses that were buried alive with them in a long narrow chamber that stands at the entranced the Lomb. A second tomb containing the remains of the queen consort was plundered and burnt in ancient times and nothing is left of it except the site.

Newly build models of the chariots are on display in a separate hall, and there is1a small museum containing some of the burial objects found in the tomb, including jade carvings, miniature wooden burial figures, bronze incense burners and a bronze door decoration in the form of a grotesque beast.

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