China Rehabilitation Research Centre

Located in the Majiapu area outside the south 3rd Ring Road of Beijing, China Rehabilitation Research Centre covers an area of about 100,000 square metres, of which 80,000 square metres are for the construction of the first stage. Its construction started in April1986, and was completed in October 1988. It went into full operation in April 1989.
The Centre is affiliated with the China Disabled Persons’ Federation. It is a comprehensive research institute established in China. It provides disabled people with overall rehabilitation. Also it is an educational institution for training rehabilitation professionals for the nation.
The Centre has been identified as the key project of China Second Five-Year Plan, and was established under the investment of the Chinese Government, international gratis aid, and the funds raised by the China Fund for the Handicapped. The domestic input was about 100million yuan ($27 million ) At the same time, the Japanese Government donated 3.88 billion yen ( $ 3 million), the former Federal Re-public of Germany provided 4.2 million marks ( $2.36 million), and the Canadian Government offered technical assistance which valued 1.6 million Canadian dollars ( $1.3 million). In addition, the Centre al-so received support from USA, Hong Kong, and others.
The Centre adheres to the principle of overall rehabilitation and takes clinical rehabilitation treatment as the basis of its research work. Combining modern education, society, and engineering, the Centre comprehensively utilizes the modern science, technology and tradition-al Chinese medicine for the rehabilitation of the handicapped. It also conducts clinical, technical and basic research in order to explore and develop new methods to solve the typical and complicated problems manifested by its patients in the process of rehabilitation. It also hopes to investigate and develop new diagnostic techniques and therapeutic measures which are expected to be valuable to dissemination.
The Centre will take full advantage of overseas technical aids to develop appropriate training programme for rehabilitation professionals in this country.
The Centre will establish extensive professional contacts with its colleagues abroad in order to set up ‘a stable information network which will disseminate information to the rehabilitation circle in the nation.
The Centre’s main research projects in recent years are traumatic paraplegia, amputation, hemiplegia, cerebral palsy, and poliomylitic sequelae. However, its current research focus is on the rehabilitation of traumatic and hemiplegia from cerebral vascular accident.
The Centre wishes to establish broad contacts and cooperation with individuals and units of other countries and join hands to work together to contribute to the development of rehabilitaion programmes for the handicapped both at home and abroad.

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