Big Bell Temple


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Big Bell Temple is one of the famous temple that  one should visit for a Beijing travel. Great Bell Temple,  one kilometer east of the Friendship Hotel on the north side of the Third Ring Road, was built in 1733.  In 1743 a huge bell was brought here, and the temple’s name was changed to Dazhongsi. The giant bronze bell is believed to have been cast in the Ming dynasty, during the reign of Yongle, and is by this reckoning more than 550 years old. Over seven meters (nearly 23 feet) high and weighing 46 tons, it is inscribed with Buddhist scriptures in Chinese characters and is regarded as one of China’s national treasures.

Dazhongsi is housed in a tower at the back of the temple, in an inner courtyard. Also displayed in the courtyard are some 30 bronze bells from various periods, showing the high degree of skill and workmanship that had been achieved. Many stone steles and statuary can be seen here too. One can go right to the top of the Bell Tower by climbing a spiral staircase.

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