Beijing International Telecommunications Office

Beijing International Telecommunications Office

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Construction of Beijing International Telecommunications Office (BITO) started on December 2, 1983 and was completed on May25, 1986. It was officially opened on December 23, 1987.

Covering a floor space of 13,000 square metres, the office provides facilities for 2,000 international telephones, 12,000 international telex channels and other up-to-date equipment for such services as international telegrams, facsimiles, data transmission, mobile telephones and video conferences.

By the end of 1987, most of the facilities in China’s telecommunications services were domestically designed and manufactured. They included a 1, 800-channel microwave and a 4,380-channel medium-coaxial cable carrier system; optic fibre trunk systems in the local telephone network of some cities; and, newspaper telecommunications throughout the vast country.

With the new telecommunications centre in operation, China’s links with other countries are greatly expanded. For instance, its international direct dialling (IDD) system permits direct telephone con-tact with more than 100 countries and regions, as against 19 before the operation of BITO.

The project cost 48.42 million yuan, equivalent to $13 million in 1986.Beijing Long-Distance Telephone Office was put up in 1976. It is the largest domestic and international telecommunications network in China. it offers service to more than 100,000 people everyday and has business relations with more than one hundred countries and regions in the world.

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