Capital Gymnasium

Capital GymnasiumCapital Gymnasium is the largest gymnasium in China. It was begun in May 1966, and was finished and opened to the public in March 1968. It is 122 metres long, 107 metres wide and 28.8 metres high, with a total floor space of 30,000 square metres. The horizontal steel frame is 99 by 122 metres. There are in the gymnasium a competition hall, three training rooms and a number of lobbies for spectators.

The competition hall is 88 metres long and 40 metres wide.  Table tennis, badminton, basket-ball, volley-ball and gymnastic contests can be held and ice hockey and skating performances can be organized all the year round. It is big enough to hold 24 ping-pong tables and is installed with a large automatic scoreboard.

There are 18,000 seats, some of which are movable or partly movable and can slide inward to enlarge the sporting ground. In the gymnasium there are also press rooms, rooms for radio and television transmission and international telephone booths, through which sports news can be promptly conveyed throughout China and to other parts of the world. It was designed and built by the Beijing Municipal Architectural Design Institute.

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