Beijing Amusement Park

Beijing Amusement ParkLocated by Longtan (Dragon Pool) Lake near the Temple of Heaven, Beijing Amusement Park covers an area of 500, 000 square metres, one-fifth of which is water. The amusements are on a central island, connected to the surrounding area by 11 bridges.

The amusement facilities include a loop roller coaster, a swing tower, sky jets, a shooting range, a games house, inflated figures, a whirligig, a mini-train, sky cycles, a Ferris wheel, merry cups, a water parade, and pedal boats. One of the biggest attractions at night is anew laser fountain. Controlled by music, the colourful laser beams and underwater coloured lights form a great variety of patterns on large water screens. In addition, there is a sports club, a restaurant, a massage parlour and more rides.

Usually, tourists in the capital converge into the north and west of Beijing, where most of the scenic spots are located, such as the Summer Palace, the Fragrant Hills, Beihai Park. However, with the establishment of the amusement park, southeast of the city is beginning to attract Beijing citizens and outsiders.

The amusement park was opened to the public on April 19, 1987. Everyday it receives about 10,000 visitors. And the number is increasing.

The amusement park is a joint venture, run by the Beijing Long-tan (Dragon Pool) Tourism Development Company, the Japan-China General Development Company and the Kumagai Gumi Company, with an investment of 6.6 billion Japanese yen equivalent to 172 mil-lion RMB yuan ($36.5 million).

There are another two amusement parks in Beijing, one in Miyun County 80 kilometres away from the city, the other in Shijingshan District west of Beijing, easy access to the park by the subway.

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