Zhang Yiyuan Tea Shop

Zhangyiyuan tea Zhangyiyuan tea shop

Zhang Yiyuan tea shop, the name of which derived from an old Chinese saying “everything takes on a new look with the coming of spring”, is one of Beijing’s most famous time-honoured enterprises. Zhang Yiyuan tea shop is located on one of Beijing’s most historical and interesting shopping streets, Da Zha Lan Alley, has a long history can dates back to the final years of the Qing Dynasty. Zhang Yiyuan tea shop deals in over 200 types of tea, with prices ranging between tens and hundreds of renminbi for a few grams. They have green tea, black tea, chrysanthemum tea, herbal tea, and Oolong tea. You will find a tea for every occasion and a few more types to spare. It is worth visiting just for the sights and smells.
Beijing Zhang Yiyuan Tea Shop started off with jasmine tea. Zhang Yiyuan jasmine tea takes Fujian baked spring green tea as the biscuit. Primary processes mainly include water-removing, rolling and baking. Artistic jasmine tea takes artistic green tea as the biscuit. It is made mainly through water removing, baking (70% dry), manual modeling and drying. Because of its clear soup, thick flavor, scented smell and lingering taste, Zhang Yiyuan jasmine tea gradually became a hot cake in the capital city. It used to be taken as imperial tea, and won the favor of high officials and operatic celebrities.

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