Sun Dong An Plaza

Sun Dong An Plaza

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Sun Dong An Plaza located in the capital’s business commercial of Wangfujing, the Dong an Bazzar started it renovation on November 18, 1983 and was completed and opened to business on January 18, 1998. The project drew investment of US$ from Hong Kong Sun Hong Kai properties LTD and Dong’an group company. It is the largest joint venture commercial project in Beijing since it opened to the outside world. The new 12-stories new shopping center can handle 500,000 customers everyday. The plaza replaced Dong’an Market, which opened in 1903 and was Beijing first department store. Dong’an Market previously has only 6,900 square metres. The new complex, which has rejuvenated the wangfujing area as a forest of shopping mall, has changed the capital’s skyline. The project, which begin in 1993, and was completed in 2000. A station on the central subway line was opened in the area by the end of 1999. Sun Dong An Plaza serves as a litmus test to the development grant commercial complex in Beijing.

With a total floor space of 220,000 square meters, the plaza provide comprehensive shopping, office, restaurants and entertainment centre. I t is regarded as the city’s first move to update commercial facilities in wangfujing. Sun Dong An Plaza is computerized for quick sales and inventory. They are also Warehouse and cinemas opened in Sun Dong An Plaza later 1998.

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