Rui Fu Xiang Silk Store

Ruifuxiang Silk Store was established by Meng Hongsheng, descendant of Mengzi . Meng Hongsheng was from Zhangqiu, Jiujun county, Shandong Province and he first built up his business by selling hand-woven cloth with the shop named Ranfuxiang. With thriving business, Meng Hongsheng started to set up chain stores in Shanghai, Qingdao, Tianjin, etc. and extended his business to luxury commodities such as silk, satin, tea and furs.
Rui Fu Xiang Silk Store has an excellent team of tailors who make some of the most beautiful cheongsams in Beijing. Numerous international travelers are amazed by their products and can’t help but owning one of their own to show off back home.
It is said that the name Rui Fu Xiang stems from a literary quotation of “Qingfu Returns Currency” by the founder Meng Luochuan. A qingfu is a mythical bat-like creature mentioned in this ancient story. According to Spirit Search, written some 1,500 years ago, a copper coin coated with the blood of a qingfu would fly back to its owner, perhaps the next day, after having been spent. Although this was an old legend, it expressed the longing of Rui Fu Xiang’s founder for good fortune. He succeeded: Rui Fu Xiang grew throughout history, even though it also shared its fair share of difficulties.
If you plan on buying silk while in Beijing, Rui fu Xiang is your best choice. On the ground floor literally hundreds of choices are available like satin, velvet, linen, cotton. Upstairs there is a selection of both men’s and women’s silk clothing. Also, tailors can make items such as cheongsams and padded silk jackets.
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