Rong Bao Zhai

Rong Bao Zhai is the most famous shop in Liulichang with a history of about 300 years. It specializes in authentic works of traditional Chinese art.
According to related records, Rongbao Zhai dates back to the reign of the Kangxi emperor and sells paper, brush, ink, an excellent selection of paintings and calligraphy. Rong Bao Zhai particularly famous for its “wood board water marking”, a special kind of manual print reproduction technique. The reproductions made and sold at Rong Bao Zhai are extremely faithful copies of the originals. It is said that even Qi Baishi couldn’t distinguish between his original and the reproduction made by Rong Bao Zhai. When you gaze at these paintings, you feel unwilling to move your eyes away. What wonderful gifts or souvenirs they are!
The source of wood board water marking of China can be traced back to the 9th Tang Xian Tong year and there is one thousand years of history. Wood board water marking is a special old manual printing technology for China with which people can print China painting just like original works, mix the false with the genuine and is unapproachable for any printing technology.
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