Neiliansheng Shoe Shop

Neiliansheng shoe shop Neiliansheng shoe

Neiliansheng Shoe Shop is located at Dashilar, a well-known old commercial street in Beijing. Neiliansheng is one of the China’s time-honored brands. Many famous Chinese leaders, such as Chairman Mao, Zhou Enlai, Deng Xiaoping, had their feet shoed in Neiliansheng.
An old Beijing saying goes, “step in shoes by Neiliansheng and you will see good fortune at your job.”
Neiliansheng shoe store is famous for making cloth shoes, has refused to be squeezed out by the competition and has become one of the few successful surviving local brands in Beijing.
Neiliansheng founded in the year 1853 production and management of traditional products, cloth-shoes and famous at home and abroad, domestic sales outlets across more than 400 large and medium-sized cities, it is the largest handmade shoes of the production enterprises in china, and the nature of an enterprise companies with limited liability.
Neiliansheng is a modern shop with traditional Chinese architecture features. Outside of the three-storey building, you can see two big black-colored plaques with three golden Chinese characters Neiliansheng are hung above outside the first and the second floors separately.
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