Laoshe Teahouse

Laoshe TeahouseLocated on West Qianmen Street, Laoshe Teahouse is run by the Beijing “Big-Bowl Tea” Trade Company. In 1979, Yin Shengxi, the manager of the teahouse, was one of 20 young people selling a bowl of tea for two fen on Qianmen Street – one of the city’s busiest shop-ping areas. Nowadays, Yin has risen above the crowds and made a name for himself operating Beijing’s only traditional teahouse.

In old Beijing, there were many teahouses like the one immortalized in Lao She’s play “Tea house”. They were ideal places for people to meet, drink and enjoy a performance by a storyteller or a traditional Chinese musician.

Teahouse gradually declined in the late 1950s and vanished completely during the “Cultural Revolution”. Since 1.976, they have made a modest comeback, but Yin’s is the only one that retains all the traditional features. At the Lao She Teahouse, the waiters are attired in Qing-style gowns, while the waitresses wear cheongsam, a close-fit-ting dress with a high neck and slit skirt. Tea is poured for the customers from a small brass pot. Sitting around an old-fashioned square table facing the stage, customers can enjoy some of China’s most famous teas, while nibbling cakes, candied fruits and melon seeds and listening to stories, ballads, comic dialogues and arias from Peking opera.  Customers may even go on stage and perform if they wish.  Occasionally, Yin himself entertains his customers with an aria from Peking opera, accompanying himself on the jinghu, a two-stringed bowed instrument.

Of hundreds of varieties of Chinese tea, there are six major types–green, black, oolong, white, scented tea, and tightly-pressed tea lumps. In Lao She Teahouse customers can enjoy some of China’s most renowned varieties, including Longjing (Dragon Well) tea from Zhejiang Province, Maojian from Yunnan Province and Zhulan from Guangdong Province.

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