Da zhalan Dazhalan

The 270-metre-long Dazhalan Street is one of the shopping centres in Beijing. Along the street are more than 50 units, include a department store, garment shops, a store of traditional Chinese medicine, cinemas and a theater.  The Dazhalan street is rather narrow and the houses on either side are closely located, with a huge flow of customers and pedestrians, averaging 80, 000 people per day.  And the number goes up t0 200, 000 0n holidays. There are about 10, 000 people in this street at a given time.  Such being the case, to guard against the enemy’s surprise attack, we started building the underground defense works by the end of 1969. Extending in every direction, the complex is now linked with various units and is connected with other underground defense tunnels in Beijing. The complex is complete with telephones, wells, first-aid rooms, headquarters and storehouses. Drills proved that all the people in the street succeeded in getting down to the underground in five or six minutes. Five tunnels (passages) have been built to avoid congestion, thus ensuring immediate shelter for the people in good time.

Dazhalan is one of most famous Beijing shopping center.

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