Chinese Painting and Calligraphy

Fan paintings, embroideries, original old scroll paintings and calligraphy by some of China’s master painters are found in the famous Baoguzhai, in picturesque premises at 63 Liulichang Xijie.
A favorite shop is Rongbaozhai at 19 Liulichang Xijie. Here reproductions of old paintings, rubbings and the works of modern painters may be found. This shop specializes in art materials, and its clients are mostly artists, amateur and professional, who lovingly feel the quality of the reams of handmade paper and discuss the merits of the squirrel-hair brush as opposed to the fox-hair brush. Decorative blocks of ink are for sale as are the various porcelain accoutrements of Chinese painting. Behind the shop are block-printing workshops well worth investigating.

Moyuange, at 61 Liulichang East, is another good shop for paintings. Beijing-Anhui Sibaotang, on Liulichang East, is a specialist dealer in the ‘four essentials’ of Chinese calligraphy: paper, ink, brush and ink stone.
Contemporary Chinese painting, including oil painting, now commands great interest and high prices on the international art market. Regular shows are held at the Red Gate Gallery in the Dongbiamen Watch Tower (tel. 6525 1005), the Wan Fung Art Gallery at 136 Nanchizi Street, east of Tiananmen Square (tel. 6523 3320) and the artists’ colony, 798 Space, 4 Jiuxianqiao Rd, Dashanzi Art District, Chaoyang District (tel. 6438 4862). The Pickled Art Centre at 1 Fei Jia Cun, Lai Guang Ying Dung Lu, Chaoyang District (tel. 8456 3727), is also worth a visit.

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