Beijing Friendship Store

Beijing Friendship StoreBeijing Friendship Store, with various kinds of goods and good service, is located in Jianguomenwai Street. Ever since the store started business, it has had the honour of receiving the heads of the governments, diplomats in China, non-governmental bodies, tourists, overseas Chinese, compatriots from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao.

Thus the store has helped to expand exchanges and enhance friendship between the Chinese people and the people of other countries. It has also helped the overseas Chinese to get a deeper understanding of New China.

Available in the store are jewellery, precious stones, ivory and jade carvings , ceramics, carpets and rugs, embroideries and paintings ,carved lacquerware, cloisonne, the four treasures of the study, ancient-style furniture, fur coats, garments, shoes and hats, cotton and woolen goods, silk articles, hand-drawn table cloths, knit wears, cosmetics, general merchandise, cigarettes, wines, canned food, tremella, ginseng, deer antlers, Chinese patent medicine, and imported articles, totalling about 90,000 kinds.

Among the above, there are some rare treasures such as porcelain of Jingdezhen, jewellery of Beijing, silk product of Suzhou, tea of Fujian, ginseng of Northeast China, glossy ganoderma of Mount Taishan, and Cordyceps sinensis of Sichuan. Various kinds of handicraft articles with motif of scenic spots, historical sites and Chinese stories, fairy tales and pictures with the meaning of good luck bring people the artistic treat of beauty.

For the convenience of customers, the store has had more than 30 services added these years. The main services are:

1. International and domestic consignment business: the store renders postal services-, consignment by sea, land and air, and sees to insurance formalities.
2. Purchase by post: if the guest wishes to purchase from the store, just write to the store and the store will do its best to meet his or her requirements.
3. Processing and repairing: to process and repair different kinds of jewellery according to the customer’s requirements.
4. Currency exchange: foreign currencies can be changed right at the store for your convenience.
5. Services of garments-making, laundry, dyeing and purchase.
6. For customers’ refreshments, Coffee & Cold Drink Hall in the store serves perfectly cold and hot drinks and pastries.

To cope with the development of tourist industry in China, and for the convenience of customers, the store will expand its business scope so as to supply customers with even more commodities of novel and excellent texture.

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