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All four and five-star hotel bookstores carry a selection of books. The Foreign Languages Bookstore, 219 Wangfujing, stocks books in a number of’ languages Printed by Beijing’s Foreign Languages Press as well as some foreign paperbacks, guidebooks and news magazines. Art books on many aspects of China’s culture and her treasures arc handsomely reproduced. Translations of Chinese novels and short stoics, both modern and classical, are most reasonably priced, as are dictionaries, booklets and pamphlets on a wide range of subjects.
The Friendship Store Beijing has the largest selection of books and magazines, and the better hotels also carry guidebooks, as well as newspapers. The best collection of art books in Liulichang is at Zhaohua Calligraphy and Paintings House, 4 Liulichang Xijie. Maps of every province of China can be purchased at the China Cartographic Publishing House on Baizhifang Xijie in Xuanwu District:
The largest bookstore in town is the Beijing Book City on the north side of Chang’an Jie just east of the Xidan crossroads. Though stocking mainly Chinese books, titles in foreign languages are available on the secondly and third floors. The store is more user-friendly than most with benches provided for browsers to sit and read. Elsewhere, there is Haidian Book City, actually a congregation of bookstores and a good source of materials for those sullying Chinese. Lufthansa Shopping Center, fourth floor, has a very good range of travel and history books.
The most pleasant place to shop for books in Beijing is Liulichang. The large traditional compound on the east side of the intersection of Liulichang Dongjie and South Xinhuajie called Haiwang Cun (Village of the Sea King) has been taken over by the China Bookstore (Zhongguo Shudian). The store sells mostly new Chinese books, but there is a large selection of used Chinese, Japanese and Western books in the building lining the east side of the courtyard.
A spacious cafe-cum-library offering gourmet eats, guest lectures and eclectic literature, The Bookworm offers an ideal place to share a drink with friends, have a family meal, or take advantage of the 14,000 English language books chat comprise the library. Open daily from 9.00 a.m.-l.00 a.m. at Yard 4, Sanlitun South Street, Gongti North Road Chaoyang District, Beijing. Tel. 6586 9507; Fax. 6503 2050

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