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Beijing Antique StoreLiulichang Street has its name originated from the kilns that had been set up to make glazed tiles and bricks in the 13th to 17th centuries when the Yuan (1279-1368) and Ming (1368-1644) dynasties had their respective capital built in Beijing. By the time of the mid-18th century during the reign of Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), the street, lined with curio, calligraphy and painting stores, became prosperous. Busy with cultural activities during the past 200 years, this old street has taken on a completely new look after reconstruction and looks more splendid.
Beijing Antique Store is located right here in this very ancient cultural street. The store consists of eleven branch shops, Bao Gu Zhai, Mo Yuan Ge -& Hong Guang Ge handle original works of calligraphy and paintings by famous Chinese scholars and painters of different times and embroideries as well;Yun Gu Zhai, Cui Zhen Zhai, Yun YuZhai, Zhen Huan Ge & Dun Hua Zhai deal mainly in bronzes, stones, ceramics and cloisonne, as well as ivory, wood and bamboo carvings, etc.; Qing Yun Tang & Guan Fu Zhai sell rubbings from different dynasties, paper, writing brushes, ink stones and ink sticks of different times, and seals made by famous seal engravers; Yue Ya Tang operates as the country’s exclusive licensed dealer of the most ancient works of art.

For the convenience of our customers, our store proides foreign exchange, packing, shipping and mail services. Simple and convenient are the processes involved.

Chi Gu Ge
“Chi Gu Ge” in Beijing is a shop with more than 30 years’ experience in the reproduction of antiques and historical relics for export and selling to tourists.
At “Chi Gu Ge, there are many experts in restroring historical relics and in making reproductions, with their excellent traditional Chinese expertise. We also provide our restoration and reproduction services to museums in China and overseas for historical relics like bronze wares, earthenwares, stone rubbings, ancient murals, imitations of ancient paintings, high-quality ink stones, etc.

The products are sold to countries in Asia, Europe, Africa, America and Australia. Because of the vivid appearance and reasonable prices, the proudcts have gained popularity in these countries.
The store provides services of packing and shipping.
Address: 136 East Liulichang
Telephone: 335698 .

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