Beijing Shopping

Xidan Shopping CenterBeijing, as the capital of China, is a famous city full with sightseeings and goods.The famous Beijing Shopping Centers inlcudes Wangfujing Street, Xidan shopping center, Beijing Friendship Store, Beijing Liulichang, Beijing Xiushui, Beijing Zoo Fashion District, Beijing Dahongmen Fashion District and so on.

Beijing Zoo Fashion District, located at Xizhenmen Wai Street, Beijing, is a famous center for wholesaling. Opposite to it is Beijing Zoo.

Located near the embassy area, Beijing Friendship Store is the largest store in China catering to foreign residents and tourists. It was opened in 1973. The store supplies more than 80,000 varieties of goods, ranging from daily necessities to arts and crafts. Both traditional Chinese export commodities and native produce and special products of various places of China are available in this store. There are some imported items as well as quality home produced goods. Since some goods are imported, their prices have to be readjusted frequently according to the fluctuations of the exchange rate. The store also has a florist, laundry, tailoring service, and currency exchange counter. It opens from 9 am to 9:30 pm.

Liulichang (the Antique Shops Area) has a history of about 900 years. After the Yuan Dynasty made Beijing its capital, four big kilns were built in the city. One of them that made glazed tiles for the imperial palaces was located here. Hence the name Liulichang-Glazed Ware Factory. In the Qing Dynasty, Liulichang became one of the most popular quarters in the city. Now it is noted for antiques, jewelry, ceramics, paintings and rubbings. West of the street is Rongbaozhai Studio, famous for its wood-block printing and reproductions of traditional Chinese paintings. Most of the shops in the street have been renovated. Business Lines Original Ceramics; Ancient Bronze, Cloisonne & Enamel Wares; Gold, Silver & Lacquer Wares; Ancient Coins; Jadeite, Jade and Glass Wares; Carvings of Bamboo, Wood & Ivory, Hardwood Furniture; Ancient & Modern Chinese Calligraphy & Paintings; Silk Tapestry and Embroidery; Round and Folding Fans; Stone Rubbings, Seals and Seal Imprints; Paper, Brushes, Inksticks and Inkstones, etc.

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