Beijing Religious Tour

Buddhism, Taoism, Islam and other religions have their own history and unique style in China. When you are in Beijing, there are Baiyunguan Taoist Temple, Fayuan Temple an old Buddhist temple, and Lama Temple Tibetan Buddhist temple for your choice. Beijing is a glittering metropolis which has gathered people from varies religion and cultural background.
Beijing Easy Tour is a trusted tour agency for your Beijing travel, we are looking for you at any time. Do not hesitate to join us for a Beijing religious Tours. We believe our service and travel routes will make your Beijing holidays a memorable one. Welcome to join us and go on a short stop in Beijing.

The following are Beijing religious Tours alway ready for your biking Beijing.
beijing-religious-tour-01 ReligiousTour-01 Classic Beijing Religious Tour
Focus On: Visit most famous Christian Churches and World Culture Heritage
beijing-religious-tour-02 ReligiousTour-03 Beijing Buddhist Tour
Focus On: Visit traditional local life and renowned Buddhist temples
beijing-religious-tour-03 ReligiousTour-02 Catholic Church Tour
Focus On: Visit Catholic theme tour and Imperial Palace Museum
beijing-religious-tour-04 ReligiousTour-04 Temple of Heaven Taoist Tour
Focus On: Visit Dongyue Taois Temple, Baiyun Guan, Lvzu Gong

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