Beijing Red Tour

Beijing Red Tour will give you a chance to chance to experience those HOT scenic-spots in Beijing & China meanwhile. "Without the Communist Party, there would be no New China", this saying is deeply rooted in Chinese peoples mind for years, also a song which will never goes out of time. The "Revolutionary Tour/Red tour" will help you get a deep and profound understand why the saying has been spreading throughout China and get familiar with Chinese politics & background knowledge during the World War II.
Beijing Easy Tour is a trusted tour agency for your Beijing trip, we are looking for you at any time. Do not hesitate to join us for a Beijing red tours. We believe our service and travel routes will make your Beijing holidays a memorable one. Welcome to join us and go on a short stop in Beijing.

The following are Beijing Red Tours alway ready for your biking Beijing.
beijing-red-tour-01 RedTour-01 Beijing One Day Red Tour
Focus On: Know more about Chinese military history
beijing-red-tour-02 RedTour-02 Classic Beijing Red Tour
Focus On: Feeling Chinese military science and history

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