Beijing Olympic Torch Relay

Olympic Torch Olympic Torch Relay

Olympic Torch
Olympic Torch is enlightened by the shape of a Chinese traditional paper scroll and designed as the pattern of lucky clouds with thousand-ear history and the idea of “common origin and integral harmony”. Olympic torch is 72 cm high with the weight of 985 g. It can usually keep burning for’ approximately 15 minutes on condition that the flame is 25-30 cm high in windless environment. It has a symmetrical division from top to bottom. The designs of lucky clouds and tri-dimensional relieve bring forth magnificence, elegance and profound meanings.

As a prelude to the Beijing Olympic Games and a major ceremony, Beijing 2008 Olympic Torch Relay, carrying “Journey of Harmony” as its theme and “Light the Passion, Share the Dream” as its slogan, is proceeding in the five continents and in China. It covers the longest route, the widest area and the most participants in modern Olympic history. The flow of the torch relay is as follows: on March 24, 2008, Olympic flame was kindled from the site of ancient Olympia, 370 kilometers away from Athens, according to the traditional ceremony of ancient Greece; from March 24 to March 29, 2008, the torch was relayed around Greece; on March 30, 2008, Olympic Flame Handover Ceremony was held Panathinaiko Stadium (where the First Modern Olympic Games was staged in 1896), Olympic flame arrived in Beijing on March 31, when the ceremony for launch of Torch Relay was held and the torch relay started. Up internationally. On May 2, 2008, the Olympic flame arrived in Hong Kong and started its journey in China, and then the torch will be relayed back to Beijing before August 8,2008, the Olympic cauldron was kindled on the opening ceremony.

Torch relay, opening ceremony and closing ceremonies are the significant and holy ceremonies and the mist spectacular highlights of Beijing Olympic Games, especially for the opening ceremony of which the greatest charm lies in the suspended interest and the momentary wonderment.

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