Beijing Olympic Opening Ceremony

At 8:00 pm, August 8, 2008, the curtain of the Games of the XXIX Olympiad attracting from the whole world will rise in Beijing. A wonderful opening ceremony will be held at the “Bird’s Nest”-the main stadium. With the theme slogan of “One World, one Dream”, the whole Beijing Olympic 0pening ceremony will integrate the concepts of “Green Olympics, High-tech Olymoics, and People’s Olympics”. It will radiate the brilliance of the 5,000-year civilization of China in addition to the charms of modern Beijing and China. It will also embody the idea of peace that the world belongs to the same family. Making full use of the artistic design of the “Bird’s Nest”, the performance at the opening ceremony is sure enough to match the stadium well to be an organic whole.
The opening ceremony wilI last three and a half hours from 8:00 pm to11:30 pm, and It can be generally divided into the ceremonial part and the performance part. It will include a flag-raising and anthem-playing ceremony, a parade ceremony of athletes entering the stadium, speeches by BOCOG President and by IOC PrasIdent, announcement by State President, oath-taking by athletes and referees, kindling of the Olympic Cauldron. Meanwhile, artistic performance lasting for about one and a half hours is an interlude of the said ceremonies.

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