Beijing Olympics Logo

2008 Olympics Logo Beijing Olympics Logo

Symbols of the Beijing Olympics symbolize Olympic spirit and the concepts of the Beijing 2008 0lympic Games, provide a basis for the creation of image and sight of the Beijing Olympics, and serve as carriers to spread traditional culture, city image and human spirit of Beijing and China to the Whole world.

Olympic Rings
Among the best recognized symbols in the world, the five interlocking rings which were conceived and designed by Pierre de Coubertin in 1913 represent the unity of the five continents. The colors of Olympic Rings are specified as follows from left to right: blue, yellow, black, green and red.

Olympic Emblem
Emblem of the Beijing Olympics “Chinese seal, Dancing Beijing is a vivid and organic combination of a red Chinese seal above the words “Beijing2008” and the Olympic Rings. The form a running human stands for the beauty and magnificance of life. Its graceful profile like the body of a wriggling dragon, which relates the past and future of the same Chinese civilization. It is like a river, carrying the profound history and the national pride; it is like a vein, pulsing with riving vitality of life.

Theme Slogan
The phrase “One world One Dream” expresses the common wishes of people all over the world to strive for a bright future of humankind. In spite of the differences color, language and race, we share the charm and joy of the Beijing Olympic Games, we pursue for the ideal of the humankind for peace, we belong to the same world and we share the same aspiration and dream.

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