Beijing Triathlon Venue

Beijing Triathlon Venue Triathlon Venue

Triathlon Venue for the Beijing Olympics is located at the circumjacent areas of the Ming Tombs Reservoir at the foot of. Mangshan Mountain in northern Beijing. Triathlon Venue enjoys such a picturesque environment like a natural oxygen bar with vegetation coverage reaching 50% that it is acclaimed by the International Triathlon Association as ‘the triathlon venue closest to nature in the world”. As a temporary venue, it covers a construction area of 12,000 square meters, comprising the Ming Tombs Reservoir platform, 10,000 temporary seats on the slope of the dam, complex building, and water and land competition tracks.

Location: At the circumjacent areas of Ming Tombs Reservoir
Take Bus No. 643 at Andingmen Stop or Bus No. 919 Zhi at Deshengmen Stop to the destination.

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