Shenyang Olympic Stadium

Olympic Stadium Shenyang Shenyang Olympic Stadium

Designers of Shenyang Olympic Stadium incorporated the olive crown which symbolizes the award to winners into the exterior design concept, making the Stadium an elegant and majestic “Crystal Crown”. The unique curved roof looks gentle and soothing, and can effectively regulate light, heat and wind according to climate changes to create an ideal competition environment. Shenyang Olympic, covering a construction area of 437,000 square meters, has 2-storeyedstands, 60,000 permanent seats and 102 loges. Besides, two 192.6-square-meter full-color LED displays are respectively set up at the southern and northern end of the stadium to facilitate spectators. This is the largest LED display applied in domestic sports venues. During the 29th Beijing Olympic Games, football preliminaries was held this stadium.

Location: 12 Yingpan Road, Hunnan New District, Shenyang
Take Bus No. 146, 150 or 238 to Aoti Zhongxin Stop.

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