Shanghai Stadium

Shanghai Olympic Stadium Shanghai Stadium

Built in 1997, Shanghai Stadium is a giant saddle shaped building with a special and modern outlook The stadium covers an area of 190,000 hectares, with a construction area of around 170,000 square meters and a green area of 77,000 square meters, and is circular with a diameter of 300 meters, and a total elevation of over 70 meters. The square-built stadium, with green grass and blooming flowers around, is like a large Yulan Magnolia surrounded by green leaves, making it a new landmark building in Shanghai, With a seating capacity of 56,000, it is a large multi-purpose stadium with facilities for sporting competition, cultural and sports performances, fitness and entertainment, catering and accommodation, business, shopping and exhibition. In the 29th Beijing Olympic Games, the Stadium was served as one of the football venues.

Location: 666 Tianyaoqiao Road, Shanghai
Take subway Line 1 to Wantiguan Station.

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