Olympic Venues

With Olympic venues springing up combining ancient Chinese civilization and modern technologies, Beijing has been seen an Olympic atmosphere. Each of the venue, including the "Bird's Nest "and the "Water Cube "has unique designs.

Beijing Olympic venues are located in many universities, community, the Olympic Games will generally be used. Some Beijing Venues introduction as below: Bird's Nest Stadium: as Beijing Olympic main stadium, was used for the opening ceremony, track and field, and football events. It is more like a cradle, is reposing human hope for the future. The project occupies a total area of 21 hectares, with a construction area of 258,000 meters.

Water Cube Stadium: "Water cube" membrane structure is her best feature. Water Cube Stadium was used for swimming, polo, diving and synchronized swimming. Beijing Shooting Hall: covers a total construction area of 45 hectares of more than 20,000 square meters, including final qualifier, venues, permanent bullets library and outdoor facilities, the Beijing Olympic Games is one of the main venue construction

WuKeSong Stadium: WuKeSong gymnasium for Beijing Olympic Games is the start of the marks an important milestone, Beijing Olympic construction are steadily forward. Mainly used for basketball. Ying Tung Natatorium: used for polo and modern pentathlon (swimming) in the purposes during the Olympics. Laoshan Velodrome, the Olympic Water Pack, China agricultural university gymnasium, Fengtai Softball Palaestra, etc are respectively used for cycling venues, rowing, kayak (static), riptide convolution, marathon swimming, wrestling, etc.

Apart from most competition hold in Beijing, many Events hold in other city, Some Olympic Venues in other Cities: Qingdao Olympic sailing center covers an area of about 45 hectares, built in 2006 for the Olympic sailing competition. Qin huangdao Olympic stadium in Shanghai stadium, Tianjin Olympic stadium, Shenyang Olympic sports center for the Wulihe stadium/football qualifier Olympic racing in Hong Kong: located in Shatin, New Territories, Hong Kong, used for Equestrian events.

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