Beijing Olympic Games Tickets

The tickets for the Olympic Games are conducted in three phases. Phase l (from April to June0, 2007) and phase 2 (from October to December 2007) were launched in the form of presale. Phase 3 is from April 2008 to the end of the Olympic Games, tickets are sold in the form of real-time ticketing. In phase 3, tickets for sales in public include the unsold tickets in the first two phases and the tickets available since the proportion of the tickets preserved for emergency is lowered gradually as the work progresses. In this phase, the general public can directly get printed tickets with comprehensive information after their payment which is different from the form in the other two phases.
How to Purchase Olympic Tickets?
1, Log in the ticketing website for purchasing Olympic tickets.
Log on the official ticketing whg website of the Beijing Olympics ( for purchase.
2, Purchasing tickets at Bank of China
You can also purchase tickets in one of the 1, 000 Bank of China Olympic ticket outlets designated by BOCOG. For detailed outlet information, please go to the official ticketing website of the Beijing Olympic Games ( or check the brochures for ticket purchase placed in Bank of China Olympic ticket outlets. You can also make inquiries by dialing the hotline of the Customer Service Center of the Bank of China: 95566.
3, Purchase tickets by calling Olympic Ticketing Call Center
You can also dial the hotline of the Olympic Ticketing Call Center to purchase tickets: 010-952008. After the submission of your ticket order, the system will confirm it in the next page, with the Information of a ticket subscription order number automatically generated for your future inquiry. The subscription order is locked as soon as it is submitted. The subscriber can check it whenever logging on, with no permit for any modification or cancellation. So please confirm the accuracy of information before submission.
4, Purchase ticket at the Olympic venues
Since one week prior to the starting of a sports event you can also purchase tickets at the point-of-sale retail outlets in the Olympic venues if there are tickets left. Address list of all competition venues can be found in P46-71 in this book. You can also inquire information on the official ticketing website of the Beijing Olympic Games (
How many Olympic tickets will be sold to the public?
The number of the Olympic tickets to be sold is more than 7 million, of which more than 50 percent is available for the domestic public.
Are there student tickets for the Beijing Olympic Games?
No. Student tickets are targeted tickets issued by BOCOG. They are available for individuals.
Can foreigners purchase tickets to the Beijing Olympic Games?
Yes. Foreigners can purchase tickets outside China, for China will allocate a certain number of tickets for every country. If they are in China, the procedure is the same as it is for Chinese citizens.
Is there a quota for individuals purchase Olympic tickets?
In order to allow more people to enjoy the Olympic Games on the scene and to prevent ticket transaction in black market, the sale of Olympic tickets subjected to the maximum number for each event. And the number of quota varies with events. For example, for the opening ceremony or closing ceremony, each person can only purchase one. For the finals of popular events in China such as basketball, table tennis, you can only purchase two tickets. For on-final events and other events with less popularity you can only purchase three to five accordingly.

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